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Fall 2019 Game Schedule

Only the home games are shown on the TRAC website.  For the official complete fall 2019 game schedule, go to http://gs-fall19athenaclassicrias.sportsaffinity.com/tour/public/info/schedule_results2.asp?sessionguid=3B58E607-228D-4287-82CF-4FE8717CC26F&tournamentguid=3B58E607-228D-4287-82CF-4FE8717CC26F&flightguid=ABA0A10C-3F3F-4BEE-B747-A6767DE54BED&tourappguid=A7F35510-9FD4-4215-9CFE-C42B6BAA2A41&teamname=TRAC Soccer - GR14U Lykins&teamcode=0Y253-01RG4U-0203&groupcode=A

Try the iCal button at the top of the schedule page to push the game schedule to your phone/calendar.

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